“A picture is a poem without words”
– Horace

Welcome to my page!

An illustration is more than just a picture. It has to tell about the book, open visions, and lead the reader to his own imaginations.

Being a very important stage of publishing books, for an author, the cover can pretty much influence the purchase of the book. That's why creating a unique image with unique characters that will not appear on other book covers, is very important.

In the "Commercial artworks" section you can find the latest covers I made.

In the "Gallery" section you can find images created for my own gallery, but they can be licensed / bought as book covers.

For more details on packages and services, please go to the "Services" section.

For more informations, contact at amalliach@gmail.com

In the creation of images on this website we use stock images and 3D renders, followed by a final handpainting stage.

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